There is nothing more rewarding than giving back! By volunteering with Please Live, you can help us make a lasting impact on teenagers in Central Pennsylvania.


We believe most fears associated with mental health are due to not being educated. Find resources here for yourself, a friend, or your child. Being educated means being prepared for the twists and turns life can throw at you or a loved one.

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Aug 5, 2014 | Volunteering with Please Live

Oops, it looks like I missed a month of blog posting! But for good reason, I promise!

July was hectic for me, both in my personal life and in the life of Please Live. The highlight of the month was heading out to Ft. Collins, Colorado to host two suicide prevention workshops at the Church of the Brethren's National Youth Conference. One workshop was targeted towards staff, and another was targeted towards teens. I received a great response from both workshops, many local pastors from Pennsylvania promising me they'd be in touch to bring Please Live to their congregations.

Here's some feedback we received from both workshops:

"Very energetic leader and very informative. Didn't realize how many teens attempt suicide. The numbers are staggering."

"This workshop really meant a lot to me. I have dealt with depression and anxiety and suicidal ideation for years. I've never had someone explain the terrible things I feel in such an accurate and yet still lighthearted way."

"I have had thoughts relating to the ones you talked about, like hoping I won't wake up or that a car will hit me. I have no interest in attempting suicide. I feel very depressed during the school year but that's probably due to stress and social interactions (or lack thereof). I'm very glad you led this seminar and I feel a lot more comfortable. [...] I will make it out of this labyrinth."

"FANTASTIC workshop! Thank you so much! I feel ready to help when my friends come to me."

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Upcoming Events

Harrisburg's Out of the Darkness Walk | Sept 13th, 2014 @ 3:00pm
Registration starts at 3. Walk begins at 5. Please Live is once again putting together a team for this year's annual Out of the Darkness Walk on City Island in Harrisburg, PA. As in previous years, we will be selling team t-shirts to raise funds for Please Live, and all funds raised for the walk will benefit the efforts of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. For the latest changes and most up-to-date information on this event, visit our facebook event page.

Mental Health First Aid Training | Mental Wellness Awareness Association
Did you know you are more likley to encounter someone in a mental health crisis than in any medical crisis? This valuable training teaches you the skills to assess and intervene in a variety of mental health situations. Click here to visit our partners at the Mental Wellness Awareness Association for upcoming training events.


Looking for resources on Suicide & Depression? Here are a few of our favorites. For a complete list, check out our Resources page!

Download Mental Health First Aid Brochure

Download Suicide Statistics Infographic

Download SAFE Self-Injury Fact Sheet

Download How to Help an Online Suicidal Person

Download Health Care Resources Guide (State)

Download Health Care Resources Guide (Local)