Think Positively

by Tiffany Young Depression is often termed the “common cold” of mental illness, because it is so prevalent in our lives and can seem somewhat “contagious.” Though depression itself may not be contagious, your everyday interactions with others and mood can have a great emotional influence on others. Energy is only transferred and never spent. […]

Guest Post by Maggie Jugon: Surviving the Holidays

In honor of the holiday season, this month’s blog is written by guest blogger Maggie Jugon, a mental health advocate based out of Palmyra. At 18-years-old, Maggie represents the newest generation of advocacy, hope, healing, and recovery. ———————— After a loss – by suicide or otherwise – the usual holiday rituals and family traditions may […]

Robin Williams Suicide

It’s taken me a few weeks to update our website in light of the passing of Robin Williams. There have been many reasons for this. Talking about a suicide, especially the suicide of someone who touched everyone’s hearts in one way or another, is very sensitive. I’ve read many different articles since his passing, many […]

Volunteering with Please Live

Oops, it looks like I missed a month of blog posting! But for good reason, I promise! July was hectic for me, both in my personal life and in the life of Please Live. The highlight of the month was heading out to Ft. Collins, Colorado to host two suicide prevention workshops at the Church […]

The Ones with No Warning Signs

Recently I was talking with a mother of 3 children – two in college, one a senior in high school – and we were discussing the future of Please Live. She told me, “From a parent’s perspective, I think the thing that concerns us most is those kids with no warning signs. The children that […]

Make a Mark for Mark

Hello, visitors! I wanted to do a quick update to reminisce our Make a Mark for Mark event that happened this past Sunday, May 18th, at Palmyra Church of the Brethren. I am excited to say that I had a blast working with the church and seeing the turnout for the event. We had 17 […]

Calling all Artists!

Volunteering can be like a double edged sword. On one hand, we all know that volunteering has a variety of surprising benefits, such as helping you connect with others, increasing self-confidence, combating depression, teaching valuable job skills, and a dozen more. But on the other hand, we live in a “too busy” world. Everyone I […]