Volunteering for a good cause has so many benefits to it. It has been shown to improve health, quality of life, and increase happiness. It takes the focus away from yourself as you work for a greater cause. It is also an excellent addition to resumes and college applications!

Here is a list of a few different ways you can volunteer with Please Live. If you have an idea that is not on this list, let us know! We are always open to suggestions.

To Volunteer, fill out our Volunteer Assessment Form

Click Here to access the assessment form. Completed forms can be sent to support@pleaselive.org for review. After review, we will be in contact to discuss where in Please Live you will be best suited.

Fundraising Team | Our fundraising team focuses on generating funds so that we can continue to operate. Common projects include seeking out business sponsors, putting up donation containers around the community, organizing community walks, and event planning. Two types of people generally fall into this category; those who are extroverted and are willing/able to reach out to potential donors, and those who are more behind the scenes kind of people who can do set up/tear down at fundraising events.

Education Team | Our education team focuses on what our message is. When we go into schools, youth groups, or other community venues, we have a message to share. That message changes based on the audience that we are speaking to. Similarly, when we develop our own Please Live resources, our education team helps to develop the content. This team is great for those with a strong background in health services or teaching.

Marketing Team | Our marketing  team focuses on our public relations, public image, social media, and general reach. Members of this team work on projects such as creating and distributing press releases, managing our social media content, making virtual connections, managing our online presence, and managing things such as SEO and Google Analytics.

Design Team | Our design team is all things creative. Graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and artists of all sorts help to make the image and appearance of Please Live, keeping our brand consistent between digital and print, and staying up to date with latest graphic trends. If you’re passionate about art (especially digital art), this is where you belong.

Love Life Ministries Team | We have a team committed to reaching out to churches and spiritual communities. If you have a heart for Christianity and are passionate about scripture, this team is for you. Learn more about Love Life Ministries at LoveLife.PleaseLive.org

Guest Speakers/Personal Testimonies | Have you personally been through depression or a suicide attempt? Have you ever lost a loved one to suicide? If you have a story that you would like to share with other teens, we are always looking for guest speakers who have been there, done that. We will work with even the most inexperienced speakers. Keep in mind that a Please Live event could have an audience of anywhere between 20 students to 5,000 people. We will work with what you are comfortable with! Guest speakers will have to abide by specific guidelines when speaking during events.

Peer Event Counselors | Sometimes our Please Live events stir up a lot of emotions. It is not uncommon for students to want to stick around and discuss what is on their mind after an event. We have found that high school students are more willing to open up to a peer counselor on site before they connect with a professional. This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone looking to get into human services or counseling as a career. Peer Counselors will be required to complete a certified suicide prevention course.

Human Service Agencies | If your agency specializes in teens, depression, suicide, cutting, self-abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, child abuse, LGBTQIA+, or any other category in which you believe fits the Please Live theme and you would like your agency to be represented at a Please Live event, let us know! We want to overwhelm students with as much support as possible. It is FREE to host a table at a Please Live event, just bring your own materials. Visit the For Agencies page for more information.

What Else? | There are many different ways to help out at Please Live. We believe that each and every person has a gift to do something amazing, and each of those gifts can be applied to save lives. What do you like to do? What are you good at? We can probably use your talent here at Please Live.