8 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health in Quarantine | Guest Post by Anthony Fernandaz

The world has never seen anything like this quarantine before, which makes it extra hard to know how to benefit from it. There are gazillion things to do, but with all that is going out around the world can be depressing and take a toll on everyone’s mental health. In times like these, it is necessary to take care of your mental health, listed below are some ways through which you can keep yourself distracted and away from those negative feelings making your mental health better.

Seek accurate information regarding the pandemic

The quarantine is not a happy time and can have significant effects on your mental health. Therefore, in times like these, it is necessary to seek information from credible sources. When we stop trying information from reliable sources, there are higher chances of us believing whatever we hear, which can cause our anxiety to rise. You will become paranoid and be continuously scared of whatever is coming next. Someone already suffering from mental health issues can have panic and anxiety attacks due to what they hear. The media believes in spreading panic because that brings them ratings and money, so don’t find everything you hear and see.

Set limitations on the information you are receiving

In quarantine, since there is nothing much to do and everyone around us wants it to end, there are higher chances of you being glued to your television sets to listen to news being spread regarding it. When we look to news from different sources where one source says something else and the other says something else, there are higher chances of confusion. Confusion can cause anxiety, depression, and feelings of hopelessness that can increase, therefore limit yourself from what comes to you in the form of news regarding the pandemic.

Stay connected to people

These are hard times, and everyone needs to vent out to a friend or a person from a family. If you are an introvert or suffer from depression, there are higher chances that the lock-down will not be affecting you a lot, and you will be happily isolated, but that is wrong. Talking to people about how you feel and asking them about their day and how they think can help you. The connection is necessary because it will keep you fresh, and you will not lose friends and family. A depressed and an introvert both need to vent out too.

Don’t stay in your pajamas all-day

The quarantine has made us all lazy. The majority of the people get up in the morning, then they have breakfast and then spend their entire day in front of social media or watch movies and seasons, which is wrong. This is unhealthy and can cause problems. It is necessary to wake up in the morning, change your clothes and then come for breakfast and continue with your day. Changing your clothes and getting ready will give you a sense of satisfaction and will make you feel fresh. It may seem to be a lot of work, but it is not and must be done to handle better and be useful to yourself.

Go outside in the balcony or for a walk in your street or compound

Believe it or not, going outside for a walk or to sit in the sun to get those essential vitamins can do wonders for you. It is a pandemic, and things are hard, but make sure that you take out time to sit in your balcony or go for a walk taking all precautions because staying at home can be depressing and can lead to negative feelings to grow stronger. A walk or some time outside will be like that ray of sunshine that is needed in dark times. It will freshen you up; it will give you strength, and most of all, it will provide you with the energy to do something useful in your free time.

Take a break from social media

Today, social media is going crazy with different posts and news regarding the pandemic and the quarantine. Some of those posts are negative, while others are positive, but every post does impact your mental health, so it is necessary to stay away from social media. Many people tend to post whatever they want, and not everything is to be believed. The fake news and counterfeit posts can cause anxiety and stress, which can make matters worse. In times like these, people should help others and not spread fake news, but nothing like this is happening.

Do what makes you happy

Over the years, as technology has developed, we have become busy with our lives. We have a set routine, and we were always running from one thing to another until this pandemic came. Now, we have all the time in the world. Many wanted to paint, while others wanted to do poetry, and some wanted to make memes or spend time with the family. Well, now you have time, do what you always wanted to do. It can be hard and scary with all that is going on in the real world but take out two to three hours for yourself and work on things that make you happy.

Start writing a journal

Keeping a journal is a healthy activity as it helps you be on schedule. Write what bothers you, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, your boundaries, and whatever you desire in that journal. A journal will be a healthy activity and will work as a friend to you. You can show this journal to your doctor later on if you want to share whatever is on it.

A friend with whom you share everything, this way, you will not feel frustrated or exhausted since all those negative feelings that you were feeling will be out in that journal, leaving you relaxed and less bothered. To find out more about how to not let those negative feelings get a hold of you during the quarantine, make sure to check out https://howtogetridof.guide/.

These times are not secure, and one must make sure that if someone in their family or the friend’s circle is suffering from or has suffered from mental health issues in the past, then make them do these things and be distracted and be better in no time. Be patient, and let’s hope this quarantine is over soon.