Sharing versus Secrets | Samantha Moore

The words we use carry a lot of weight. People use words such as crazy, psycho, and insane – phrases that they do not think twice about. I see it every day. One woman I know is very open about her anxiety and the difficulties with her mental illness. She has been on anxiety medication […]

The Two Effects: Werther vs Papageno | Alexa Moody

On a previous blog, I took the time to outline what the Werther effect was. In essence, the “Werther Effect” is the official-sounding name for “Copycat Suicides”. The Werther effect was coined around the late 1700’s when Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published a book titled The Sorrows of Young Werther. In this particular work (spoiler […]

Think Positively

by Tiffany Young Depression is often termed the “common cold” of mental illness, because it is so prevalent in our lives and can seem somewhat “contagious.” Though depression itself may not be contagious, your everyday interactions with others and mood can have a great emotional influence on others. Energy is only transferred and never spent. […]

Guest Post by Maggie Jugon: Surviving the Holidays

In honor of the holiday season, this month’s blog is written by guest blogger Maggie Jugon, a mental health advocate based out of Palmyra. At 18-years-old, Maggie represents the newest generation of advocacy, hope, healing, and recovery. ———————— After a loss – by suicide or otherwise – the usual holiday rituals and family traditions may […]