New Avenues in the Holistic Treatment of PTSD – Exploring Trauma | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

PTSD is a very complex condition that can be difficult to treat – as anyone diagnosed with PTSD will be well aware of. Like some mental health conditions, literature supports the fact that PTSD can only be properly treated with a detailed and well-considered mix of psychotherapies and pharmacotherapies. Getting this right can often be difficult, […]

Tips for Managing Anxiety about the Post-COVID Return to Normal | Guest Post by Ben Lynch

As COVID restrictions start to ease and things start to get back to how they were pre-pandemic, you might not be feeling as excited and positive as you would have expected.  In this article, we take a look at how to manage anxiety about the post-COVID return to normal. It’s normal to feel anxious The […]

4 Signs Your Industry Has a Blank Spot on Mental Health | Daisy Sawyer

We live in a world that’s finally starting to recognize the struggles some people have with their mental health on a day-to-day basis. Despite this, many workplaces are still reluctant to take it seriously, putting strain on their employees and making it difficult to seek help. This is what you can call a major blank […]

How Can Sleep Improve Anxiety? | Guest Post by Gabie Lazareff

Falling asleep with anxiety can be more than difficult. The catch 22 is that sleep is the most underused mood regulator we have in our toolbox. I’d like to start by acknowledging the struggle for those with anxiety to develop a healthy sleep routine. It is by no means easy, it often takes a lot […]

New Meta-Analysis Shows That Music Has Positive Effects on People with Depression | Guest Post By Jane Sandwood

One third of all Americans show signs of clinical anxiety or depression, as found by the Census Bureau, a statistic that is being intensified by the current global health crisis. Issues such as unpredictability of one’s future, loss of control and personal freedom, and conflicting messages from authorities and the media are worsening mental health outcomes. […]

Overthinking Disorder in Youth/ Mental Health issues in Teenagers | Guest Post by Kevin Grey

When sitting anywhere, are you expressing concern about past actions? Are you worried about the days ahead? Before going to bed, do you spend hours thinking about how happy you are? Uncontrollable thoughts about a particular person or thing? Does this sound familiar to you? If you are always depressed that your mind won’t shut […]

How to Train Your Brain to Think Differently | Guest Post by Upasana Gala

The conversations you have with yourself have a significant impact on how you feel and behave, so you want to work to remove self-talk filled with harsh criticism and doubt. Otherwise, it is going to lead to pessimistic feelings that hold you back. For individuals who suffer from depression, low self-esteem, or anxiety, these inner […]

3 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Boost Your Mental Health | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

Seasonal affectiveness disorder (SAD) is believed to affect up to 3% of the general population – between 10% and 20% of individuals living with depressive disorders, and as many as 25% of people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. While medication, exposure to sunlight, and phototherapy are all effective at treating SAD, there are a number […]

Improving your Mental Health by Switching to a Plant Diet | Guest Post by Adam Reeve

As in many other options, a plant plan has numerous variations, but it all boils down to avoiding certain foods. While some people still take dairy products and eggs, others omit them altogether. In this one, the main focus is on foods from plants that help boost your body and vegan brain. From this, you […]

How Sleep Affects Mental Health | Guest Post by Sanmay Sarkar

We often come across friends and family members who can almost instantaneously point out that we haven’t been sleeping well. Most of the time it is either the baggy eyes or the lethargic disposition that gives you away. Increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, back pain, etc., are conditions that are often associated with a […]