How Toxic and Hostile Work Places Can Affect Your Mental Health | Post By Sara Nutaitis

I recently started a new job where I am much happier, and mentally healthier.

My previous job was at a publishing company, and while it started out being a good job that I enjoyed; it slowly became more and more hostile, and a place I dreaded going. This took a toll on my mental health because I was always wondering when I was going to get yelled at or disrespected next. There was a staggering lack of communication, and the communication that was there was unprofessional and just caused the staff to feel loads of unnecessary stress that they were already feeling from the intense work load. I know it is unprofessional, but I cried many times at work (although 2 of those times were not work related lol). Management wouldn’t close the office or let us leave early due to unsafe weather..this stressed all of the employees out because they would worry about how they would get home safely.

Feeling your mental state not being as stable as it once was adds to any stress that a job already brings. Stress is normal at any job, sure. But you shouldn’t hate going to your job everyday or run out of the building because you can’t wait to get home.

I knew that this couldn’t keep going, especially since my mental health had been improving and the medicine I am on, is working great! I knew that I was going to take a step back, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I started applying for new jobs about a year before I got my current job; went on a few interviews and even got some offers.. but they weren’t the right fit or were a crazy pay cut (which I couldn’t do). This was discouraging to say the least.

I kept applying and holding out hope that the “perfect” job would come along. It did, in the form of a local TV station. I applied for 2 positions with them, and got interviewed for both, but we all ultimately decided that the better fit me was the job in their sales and marketing department… which is something that I really enjoy doing! I work in digital marketing and it is the type of marketing that I have always wanted to do.

My 3-weeek anniversary is this Monday, and I already love it! It is much more welcoming and friendly, and they actually really care about their employees and want them to feel welcomed from day 1.