Make a Mark for Mark

Hello, visitors!

I wanted to do a quick update to reminisce our Make a Mark for Mark event that happened this past Sunday, May 18th, at Palmyra Church of the Brethren.

I am excited to say that I had a blast working with the church and seeing the turnout for the event. We had 17 different agencies represented in the church’s fellowship hall, and we had an audience of about 120 individuals. I’ve heard excellent feedback from many participants and agency representatives, and I am excited to say that a real impact was made.

Many of you are aware that the event was initially planned in remembrance of Mark Kaylor, a Palmyra high school senior who passed away in December of 2013. This past Sunday would have been his 18th birthday. It was an emotional day, and it was an honorable day. For everyone who was able to make it out, I thank you for honoring Mark’s life by spreading education, hope, and healing to the community of Palmyra.

We took a lot of photos and video of the event, and we will update our website with the media as soon as it becomes available. I also want to do a quick shout out to our event sponsors for making this event possible:

Orrstown Bank
The Meadows
Top Secret Gourmets
Pressley Ridge

Thank you to everyone who assisted/attended this event. Your support makes Please Live possible, and I am thrilled to say that I am pursuing two more event leads as a result of the connections made this past Sunday.

Please continue to check back frequently as we have many exciting things coming this summer!