How Can Outdoor Activities Boost Your Mental Health? | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

Around 144.4 million Americans take part in outdoor activities at least once a year, going on around 11 billion outings – as per the Outdoor Participation Report. Some of the most popular activities chosen by enthusiasts include jogging and trailing, and although the biggest motivator for heading outside is fitness, other reasons – including relaxation, the […]

How Can Art Therapy Help You Battle Depression? | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

An estimated 16.2 million adults have depression – a mental condition that is also rising in numbers among teens. A Pew Research Center analysis found that around 3.2 million teens aged 12 to 17 faced at least one major episode of depression in the previous year, with one in five teenage girls being affected (compared […]

How To Choose The Right Psychiatry Doctors | Guest Post by Martin Luther

In today’s fast-paced world, finding someone to talk about depression or feelings is difficult for many people. However, if there are trouble in your love life, relationships, or behaviors, then it is advisable to find a therapist a high priority. A psychiatrist plays an essential role in diagnosing your psychology-related issues. According to the symptoms […]

10 Strategies for Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety | Guest Post by David Martin

A few months ago, the coronavirus took over the world, and people worldwide have been making different changes to deal with it and what damage it has been doing during its course. When everyone around you is suffering and trying hard to fight for their life, this can cause depression and anxiety. I have collected […]

How Can Positive Psychology Change Your Life? | Guest Post by David Shields

While positive psychology has many definitions and means many different things to different people, the most common and generally accepted definition is “positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” Positive psychology is a way of studying human thought that prioritizes the positive over the negative. In a world that […]

Key Observations of Mindfulness | Guest Post by David Shields

The definition of “mindfulness” is: Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique and a state of consciousness achieved by focusing only on the present moment and coming to terms with one’s own thoughts and bodily sensations. Mindfulness has positive benefits to our mind because it teaches us to focus and improve our level of discernment – the […]


Is sleep deprivation more than not getting enough sleep? As someone who’s experienced chronic lack of sleep, I can share that over time it can affect mental health. The good news is you can take steps like choosing the best mattress for a good night’s sleep. In fact, insomnia is a common health condition that […]

Alarming Spike in Mental Health Cases: Digital Health Vows to Offer Quality and Faster Care | Guest Post by Deepu Bhat

In Europe, one in every two individuals suffer from mental illness. 17% of youngsters between 6 to 17 years of age are experiencing a mental health disorder. The prevalence of mental disorders is high in Asia Pacific too. Brain is a beautiful and mysterious organ of the human body. If applied in the right direction, […]

8 Ways in Which Depression Can Be Treated Without Medication | Guest Post by Taylor Hill

Depression is a very scary mental disorder; it can completely ruin a person’s life and make them feel hopeless and miserable. Depression can have severe implications on one physical health as well, and it can be a complete and utter nightmare. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation about depression, and most people lack […]

Grief and Its Stages | Guest Post by Alex – Media Outreach Manager at GetUrns

At GetUrns, we want to do everything we can to ease the pain of losing a loved one; that’s why we provide grief literature to offer more information on cremation, death, or funerals. Grief, the direct emotional result that arises from loss, is a topic we focus heavily on. In mourning, grief shrouds everything. It […]