Why I’ll Always Believe That Therapy Can Be Helpful to Anyone Willing to Try It | Guest Post by Kate Harveston

Are you one of the many who shy away from attending therapy because of the stigma associated with mental health disorders? You don’t have to feel like you’re losing your mind to reap the benefits. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental illness, talking with a trained professional can help you process challenging emotions […]

Can Physical Activity Reduce Depression and Anxiety? | Guest Post by Kevin Jones

Depression is a major world health issue due to it’s continually rising prevalence. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in the U.S. While depression and anxiety are separate disorders, oftentimes they occur simultaneously. Exercise has been found to be one of the most effective ways to treat these conditions. It some instances, […]

How Integrative Therapy Can Help Reduce Negative and Self-Harming Thoughts | Guest Post by Tess DiNapoli

Self-harm is a kind of behavior that can express itself in different ways and for different reasons. For some, it manifests in injuring one’s own skin. For others, it could mean overeating or undereating, or otherwise intentionally placing yourself in harm’s way. Understanding why people self-harm could help you or someone close to you find […]

Meditation Benefits for Teens and Mental Health | Guest Post by Alex Grand

Being a teenager is difficult. Not only is your body changing, but your perspective of the world is as well. Many teens today often suffer from various types of mental health issues that can drastically affect their lives. While medications and therapy can often help, meditation is another way to help naturally heal many mental […]

Stubborn Depression: Why So Many People Are Looking To Alternatives for Antidepressants | Guest Post by Amelia Sharp

People in the United States are suffering more than ever with mental health disorders, perhaps the most prevalent of these diseases being depression. Whether you want to call it nerves, a nervous breakdown or a case of the blues, stubborn depression is unfortunately common and painful to kick.  Although antidepressants, like Selective-Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) […]

Bipolar Disorder or Moodiness? Recognizing the Differences | Guest Post by Kalaivani

Life is a roller coaster ride. There are high points and low points. Sometimes it can be scary or fun. One in 10 people has experienced moodiness at some point in their lives. Moodiness can be defined by changing moods, which is a common emotion experience faced by human beings. This moodiness depends upon the […]

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Overcome Drug Addiction** | Guest Post by Cyron Nikko Alocillo

Individual therapy sessions are a crucial component of any effective substance abuse treatment program. Of all the therapy options used in treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most widely adopted. CBT helps people identify the negative patterns of thinking that keep them stuck in addictive behavior. CBT offers a valuable tool for […]

Can Spirituality Help Your Mental Health? | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

Recent reports and studies done by psychiatrists have found that embracing spirituality is important for your mental health and can help to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Spirituality is not the same as religion; it is simply the belief that you are part of a connected universe and that events are unfolding just as they should be. […]

Self-Care Tips That Were Vital To My Recovery | Guest Post by Jack Agaston

Man walking down sidewalk

There are many factors that go into successful recovery. People that have overcome their addictions will tell you a myriad of different ways to get and remain sober. There is not a one size fits all solution to recovery and everyone needs to find a program that works for them. After many years of attempting […]

How My Chronic Pain and Mental Illness Play off Each Other | Guest Post by Kate Harveston


Think back to the worst pain you ever experienced. Maybe you had a bout of pneumonia. Perhaps an overzealous goalie broke your tibia with an ill-placed field hockey stick. Recall your mental state. You probably felt considerable anguish. Now, imagine living with that pain — only every day of your life. You don’t get to take […]