Is Addiction A Disease? Guest Blog By Nicole Allen

Individuals who are suffering from addiction are often perceived as lacking willpower and moral failing. In times gone by, people suffering from addiction experienced prejudice and unfair judgment from society. Back then, individuals struggling with addiction were viewed as menaces to society. Years later, it was discovered through research that like any other ailment, addiction […]

Why Are Suicide Rates Rising? | Alexa Moody

One of my greatest disappointments as the CEO/Founder of a suicide prevention nonprofit is seeing the rates for suicide climbing. With news breaking of several high-profile suicides this week, including Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, not to mention the devastating losses of celebrities in recent years such as Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, Chris Cornell, Verne […]

Mental Illness and Acts of Violence | Alexa Moody

Today’s culture is unfortunately fraught with hostility. It has become the norm to see mass violence in our everyday news. I find myself increasingly sighing with disappointment in the face of yet another mass shooting, rather than the horrified gut-wrenching reaction I should have, because it’s become so common. Hot debates surrounding the solution to […]

The Heart of a Therapist | Alexa Moody

Full disclosure, I am not a counselor, therapist, or doctor, and as such I am not qualified to make any sort of diagnoses or provide any type of therapy. That being said, I did go to college for human services and case management, which involves a great deal of talking to people. I did learn […]

A Time for Thanks & Giving

This holiday season I find myself wanting to give thanks for our supporters and also considering the amazing giving season that’s ahead of us. As Please Live’s founder and executive director, I sometimes feel guilty asking for donations at this time of year. We’re one of many charities worthy of your time and consideration, so […]