How Bisexual Erasure Impacts Mental Health in Bisexual Individuals | Guest Post by Kate Harveston

Members of the LGBTQ+ community such as myself understand minority stress all too well. We know that we run a higher risk of mental health disorders — anyone who needs to fight for their very right to exist in a non-inclusive society understands how the battle fatigue can wear you down over time. However, as […]

5 Realities of Grief That Will Make Coping More Manageable | Guest Post By Nat Juchems

Loss is something we all will experience, at some point in our lives. But, this fact doesn’t make this painful process any easier. When you lose someone you love, your life is irrevocably changed. This painful experience can be impossibly difficult to accept as reality. Even when you attend a memorial service or take home […]

Why Less Sleep and Oversleep Is Harmful To Your Health | Guest Post by Allison Staley

If you ever spent the night tossing and turning the bed, you’ll know how you will feel throughout the day- stressed out, tired, cranky and all sorts. But then, the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation go beyond leaving you dizzy throughout the day; it has a whole lot of long-term effects. And so does oversleep. […]

Finding Your Sleep Groove: The Link Between Sleep and Mental Health | Guest Post by Kimberly Hayes

It’s hard to believe that people spend one-third of their lives sleeping. It’s even harder to believe that many people don’t make the connection between sound, restful sleep and mental health, but the fact is that failing to get the sleep you need can have a serious effect on your mental well-being. The obvious effects […]

How Art and Creativity Can Be Used To Reduce Anxiety and Depression | Guest Post By Jane Sandwood

Recent studies have shown how beneficial art therapy and creativity is for reducing anxiety and depression, giving individuals a chance to find a relaxing method of caring for their mental health. These mental health conditions can make everyday life a bit more challenging, but when there are multiple natural resources and methods for coping with depression symptoms, it […]

Social Anxiety Without The Social Drinking: How I Found The Trick To Do It | Guest Post By: Kate Harveston

Everyone in my tribe knows I’m as introverted as they come. When the invitation for the annual holiday office party comes out in November, I mark my calendar — and start shaking in my boots. I never call, always text, and regard the morning meeting as the most distressing time of my day. Social anxiety? […]

How Toxic and Hostile Work Places Can Affect Your Mental Health | Post By Sara Nutaitis

I recently started a new job where I am much happier, and mentally healthier. My previous job was at a publishing company, and while it started out being a good job that I enjoyed; it slowly became more and more hostile, and a place I dreaded going. This took a toll on my mental health […]

Can Exercise Help People Cope With Depression? | Guest Post By Jessica Ann

Depression has become very apparent to most individuals nowadays. For some reason, there are a lot of things and factors that cause this mental illness. Even so, there are a lot of ways as well that one could do in order to fight depression. Depression and Its Symptoms Strictly speaking, depression or major depressive disorder […]

Learning to Cope with my Anxiety without Alcohol | Guest Post by Kate Adermann

As far back as I can remember, I struggled with panic attacks and generalized anxiety. The only place where I found solitude and quiet was at the bottom of a bottle, but that inevitably stopped working in my early 20s. My alcoholism ended up making my anxiety profoundly worse because now, I had to constantly […]

Fighting Back Against Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse | Guest Post By Sharon Torres

There’s a significant public health concern that doesn’t get enough light shed on it, although recent years have seen more media coverage on the issue, it’s still not enough. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) invades the lives of the most unsuspecting victims and much like substance abuse knows no bounds. There is not an ethnicity, race, […]