5 Chronic Illnesses That May Cause Depression | Guest Post By Anita Fernandes

Chronic illnesses affect a shocking 6 in 10 adult Americans and it’s estimated that 1 in 3 of these adults experiences some form of depression. To health care experts and those afflicted with chronic illness, the overlap comes as no surprise. Because of the very nature of chronic conditions, in that they can only be […]

Dietary Supplement Use in Treating Mental Health | Guest Post By Brenda Kimble

Mental illness has become a widespread epidemic across not only the United States but around the world. Depression, in particular, is increasingly common—shown to affect up to 20 percent of the general population during some point in their lives. The current treatments available for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, including medication and […]

How My Father’s Suicide Introduced Me To Anxiety (And How I Became Friends With It) | Guest Post By Louise Stanger

I can still vividly recall my first encounter with anxiety. I was in the third grade, playing hopscotch, lost in my own reverie of make believe. My pretend world was suddenly upended when my classmate asked me if I knew how my father had died. Not waiting for an answer, she delivered the facts surrounding […]

Hitting Bottom And Why It Helps | Guest Post by Daniel Wittle

I lost my father two months before I got sober. It was devastating to me. Not only was that horrible to experience; I was straddling the line of wanting to be alive and wanting to be dead for quite a few months before he even died. The crushing blow I felt when my mom called […]

Winter Wellness Tips: How to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder | Guest Post by Kimberly Hayes

Winter wellness can mean a lot of things, but for individuals who are living with seasonal affective disorder — also known as SAD — it often means finding the best ways to cope with feelings of sadness, exhaustion, and loneliness throughout certain times of the year. The disorder can affect everyone differently, but those who […]

Chronic Illness and Mental Illness | By Sara Nutaitis

As someone who suffers from a chronic illness AND a mental illness, my daily struggle is extra complicated. I have a chronic illness called POTS, I also have GAD and minor social anxiety. Together, they make my life difficult to say the least. My body is constantly in “flight or fight” mode, and effects  my […]

Navigating Through PTSD in Early Recovery | Guest Post by Tricia Moceo

Navigating through my unrelenting drug/alcohol addiction has been quite a daunting task, but not nearly as intimidating as facing the emotional aftershock of my untreated PTSD. When I first made my way into treatment, for my addiction, I believed I was headed for a much-deserved vacation from reality… I couldn’t have been more misled. I […]

Mental Health and Break-Ups

When someone has a mental illness, relationships and break-ups, can be extra difficult. The wondering, the waiting, texts that go unread. It is like a nightmare for someone like myself with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Sometimes the relationship works out and both parties are happy and dealing with their mental health. Other times, it doesn’t. […]

Battling Crippling Anxiety: Guest Post by Adam Durnham

Anxiety is one of those disorders that you have a hard time-fighting. It is not a thing you can wish away, and because it affects the mind, you tend to believe there is nothing you can do about your situation. While anxiety mainly affects the sufferer, colleagues and family feel the toll too. It is […]

Recovery from Co-Occurring Disorders | Guest Blog by Cassidy Webb

Recovery from Co-occurring Disorders   I struggled with opiate addiction and depression for several years. It lead me to a hopeless emotional state where I saw no way out other than suicide. I was physically and mentally exhausted of living the way I was living. I thought that even if I got sober, I would […]