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There is nothing more rewarding than giving back! By volunteering with Please Live, you can help us make a lasting impact on teenagers in Central Pennsylvania.


We believe most fears associated with mental health are due to not being educated. Find resources here for yourself, a friend, or your child. Being educated means being prepared for the twists and turns life can throw at you or a loved one.

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Free Resources

Looking for resources on Suicide & Depression? Here are a few of our favorites. For a complete list, check out our Resources page!
Looking for Faith-based information? Check out our Love Life Ministries branch!

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There are so many ways to support Please Live – whether through volunteering, promoting our cause, or partnering with us – but the easiest way to support us is financially. Make a one-time donation, or join our Support Squad with a monthly pledge to help us fight suicide and empower young people in our community. Click here!


Mental Health First Aid Training | Mental Wellness Awareness Association

Did you know you are more likely to encounter someone in a mental health crisis than in any medical crisis? This valuable training teaches you the skills to assess and intervene in a variety of mental health situations. Click here to visit our partners at the Mental Wellness Awareness Association for upcoming training events.

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