Alexa Moody

Executive Director

Alexa Moody is the idealist behind Please Live, managing the day-to-day operations and is the primary contact person in outreach and coordination. In addition to Please Live, she serves on several community groups and taskforces and is the Digital Media Manager for the American Mental Wellness Association. In her free time she enjoys video games, coffee, Pokemon, and anything sci-fi or fantasy.

Katherine Peters, Ph.D.


Katie recently earned her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Colorado. She currently teaches communication at the University of Colorado.   She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Communication and Public Relations at Juniata College in the spring of 2012, and her Master of Arts in Communication at the University of Colorado in 2014. In her free time she likes to craft with paper or yarn, and has recently taken up playing Pokémon. She loves to travel whenever she can and aspires to see most parts of the world.

Corey Snyder


Currently employed by Pennsylvania State Employee’s Credit Union as a Compliance Officer, Corey has two bachelor degrees from Philadelphia Biblical University in Business Administration and Biblical Studies. He is an avid golfer, sports enthusiast, and he loves to travel. He currently attends West Chester University studying to get his Masters in Business Administration.

Laura Cook


Laura is a licensed social worker in Pennsylvania and holds an associates in social science, and a bachelor’s and master’s in social work. Laura currently works with children in the behavioral health rehabilitation department at a counseling agency as a behavior specialist consultant. In her free time, Laura enjoys reading, organizing, and traveling.

Andrea Blosser

Andrea graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She has a passion for raising awareness and working with individuals that are affected by mental illness. Currently, she lives in Pittsburgh and works with adults diagnosed with persistent mental disorders. In her free time, she loves to read, golf, and snuggle with her cat, Ami.

Lorah Feldman

Lorah graduated from La Roche College with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic & Communication Design and a minor in Performing Arts. Aside from devoting many hours to Please Live, Lorah works full-time as the Graphics Specialist for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR). She lives on coffee, loves reading, traveling, and aspires to make a lasting impact on the world.

David Cook

David graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. He currently works as an EHR interface analyst for St. Luke’s Hospital. In his free time, David loves to take pictures, travel, scuba dive, and play guitar.

Tiffany Yannelli

An alumnus of Penn State University, Tiffany holds her MBA, a BS in Management, and a BS in Marketing, graduating with Honors. She joined Please Live’s marketing committee in 2013 and is the current Marketing Director. As a member of the Hershey Symphony, she enjoys playing violin as her true passion. When Tiffany isn’t working full-time running her marketing consulting firm, Young Business Marketing, you will find her digesting a novel, sipping a latte, or enjoying the outdoors with her furry companion, Cooper.

Nicholas Shearer

During Nick’s college career he worked as a resident assistant and worked with students during very high stress and emotional times in their lives. He saw how people of all ages can go through tough times and need a support system to encourage them to keep pushing on no matter how difficult life can be. Currently Nick is an Audit Supervisor for Hamilton & Musser, P.C. and works with over 100 small nonprofits in the Harrisburg area.