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In response to several local suicides, 19-year-old Harrisburg Area Community College student Alexa Kylen started, a resource for anyone struggling with suicide or suicidal thoughts.

Kylen said not only do youth battle the societal stigma still attached to mental illness, they fight with the very real — but not always accurate — fear that reporting depression or suicidal thoughts to their parents will lead to punishment.

“I tell them a vast majority of parents won’t be angry or yell at them,” Kylen said. “They’ll be worried. They’ll say, ‘Let’s get help.’ They’ll be glad you told them.”

And if a child’s home life can’t guarantee that response, Kylen said, there are a host of people, herself included, who care enough about young lives to connect them to people who will.

Excerpt from:
Pennlive Article, 2010