Volunteering for a good cause has so many benefits to it. It has been shown to improve health, quality of life, and increase happiness. It takes the focus away from yourself as you work for a greater cause. It is also an excellent addition to resumes and college applications!

Here is a list of a few different ways you can volunteer with Please Live. If you have an idea that is not on this list, let us know! We are always open to suggestions.

Team Please Live at the Out of Darkness Walk

Finance Team
Finance Team |
Our finance team focuses on generating funds so that we can continue to operate. Common projects include seeking out business sponsors, organizing community walks, grant writing, and fundraising event planning. Two types of people generally fall into this category; those who are extroverted and are willing/able to reach out to potential donors, and those who are more behind the scenes kind of people who can do set up/tear down at fundraising events.

Outreach Team
Outreach Team |
Our outreach team really focuses on building new relationships with our community. This includes networking with partnering agencies, finding new volunteers, connecting with school districts and community venues, improving our professional development, and other such projects.

Communications Team
Communications Team |
Our communications team focuses on our “front facing image”, so these lovely volunteers help to maintain our various social media sites, keep our blog updated, maintain our website appearance and functionality, create graphics for marketing and merchandise, handle public relations, and keep our content updated and relevant.

Events Team
Events Team |
Our events team is all things related to providing our core programming to students in our community. This team is made up of our speakers, our event coordinators, and those who help us set up/tear down at health fairs.

Love Life Ministries Team
Love Life Ministries Team |
We have a team committed to reaching out to churches and spiritual communities. If you have a heart for Christianity and are passionate about scripture, this team is for you. Learn more about Love Life Ministries at LoveLife.PleaseLive.org

What Else? | There are many different ways to help out at Please Live. We believe that each and every person has a gift to do something amazing, and each of those gifts can be applied to save lives. What do you like to do? What are you good at? We can probably use your talent here at Please Live.