Non-Profit Spotlight: | By Sara Nutaitis (UPDATED November 2019)

Please Live, for the month of July (UPDATED IN NOVEMBER), is featuring a non-profit, whose goal is to help people going through rehab. We hope that through this spotlight more traffic will be directed to their website and people in need will reach out. “ is a community organization dedicated to empowering people suffering from […]

Bipolar and Addiction Recovery | Guest Post By Hailey Parks

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 15 years old, I was put on medication and sent on my way. My family wasn’t necessarily supportive or accepting of neither mental illness nor psychiatric medication, so I always felt uncomfortable talking to my parents about what I suffered from. This instilled a sort of fear […]

The Comorbid Relationship Between Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder | Guest Post By Kate Harveston

Even though one out of five American adults experienced a mental health disorder within the past year, little remains known about these invisible diseases. Only raising awareness as to the prevalence of such disorders can break the cycle of silence and help people find the help they need. Those lacking chronic mental or physical health […]

7 Great Herbs for Fighting Depression Naturally | Guest Post by Carolina Martel

For centuries, herbal remedies have been used by people to treat several illnesses. These illnesses include both, physical and mental ones. It was only a century ago since allopathic medicines have seen certain popularity. These medicines have saved millions of lives, and we cannot ignore the many benefits they have. However, there is always a […]

3 Keys to Building A Foundation in Recovery | Guest Post by Daniel Wittler

Entering recovery for drug addiction can be extremely overwhelming. Not only are you having to deal with your past when you weren’t in the right state of mind. You now need to change a lot of things in your life to prevent yourself from entering the same lifestyle. This can result in advice in all […]

Suicide “Pro-Choice” Websites and the loss of Shawn Shatto | Alexa Moody

Sometimes Please Live needs to make a statement about a news story, and when this happens, 99% of the time it is with a heavy heart. This post will address a recent local news story out of York Haven, PA featuring the loss of a young woman, Shawn Shatto. If you haven’t heard yet, Shawn’s […]