10 Strategies for Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety | Guest Post by David Martin

A few months ago, the coronavirus took over the world, and people worldwide have been making different changes to deal with it and what damage it has been doing during its course. When everyone around you is suffering and trying hard to fight for their life, this can cause depression and anxiety. I have collected […]

How Can Positive Psychology Change Your Life? | Guest Post by David Shields

While positive psychology has many definitions and means many different things to different people, the most common and generally accepted definition is “positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” Positive psychology is a way of studying human thought that prioritizes the positive over the negative. In a world that […]

Key Observations of Mindfulness | Guest Post by David Shields

The definition of “mindfulness” is: Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique and a state of consciousness achieved by focusing only on the present moment and coming to terms with one’s own thoughts and bodily sensations. Mindfulness has positive benefits to our mind because it teaches us to focus and improve our level of discernment – the […]