Bipolar Disorder or Moodiness? Recognizing the Differences | Guest Post by Kalaivani

Life is a roller coaster ride. There are high points and low points. Sometimes it can be scary or fun. One in 10 people has experienced moodiness at some point in their lives. Moodiness can be defined by changing moods, which is a common emotion experience faced by human beings. This moodiness depends upon the […]

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Overcome Drug Addiction** | Guest Post by Cyron Nikko Alocillo

Individual therapy sessions are a crucial component of any effective substance abuse treatment program. Of all the therapy options used in treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most widely adopted. CBT helps people identify the negative patterns of thinking that keep them stuck in addictive behavior. CBT offers a valuable tool for […]

Can Spirituality Help Your Mental Health? | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

Recent reports and studies done by psychiatrists have found that embracing spirituality is important for your mental health and can help to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Spirituality is not the same as religion; it is simply the belief that you are part of a connected universe and that events are unfolding just as they should be. […]