5 Ways to Evaluate Your Body, Mind, and Soul | Guest Post by Danny Gonzalez

The art of body balance is the one that has been misunderstood for decades. More emphasis is placed on one aspect of holistic health while neglecting the others. However, the body balance system incorporates the mind, body, and soul. Read on to discover more. Diet and exercise are naturally the first things that pop into […]

How A Good Night’s Sleep Can Improve Your Physical and Psychological Health | Guest Post by Mohamed Karim

Sleep… That silly task that we have to do every day, it takes 8 hours of our lives doing nothing… all that sleep adds up to about a third of our lives! We have to do something about it to reduce our sleeping time so we can enjoy our lives more! That’s how most people […]

7 Foods to Improve Mental Health and Wellness | Guest Post by Tanvir Hossain Dipu

Finding the right foods to improve your Mental Health and Wellness is very important. If you want to maintain a very good mental health and stay away from health issues, then making sure you eat these foods is an amazing idea. With that in mind, many foods can have mental health benefits. The idea is […]