The Long-Term Effects That Stress & Anxiety Can Have on Your Body | Guest Post by Shane McCarthy

Human nervous system model

Stress and anxiety, in the short term, can have strange effects on both the body and mind. They can make us feel concerned, fearful, estranged, loathsome, and paranoid. Physically, they can lead us to feel fatigued, wired, tense, and in pain. The way they affect us depends on the person and the levels at which […]

Mental Health Effects of Social Media on Students | Guest Post by Martina Merashi

Hand holding pills with social media icons

The internet contains lots of information and can be useful to students in many ways. However, when students spend lots of time online unsupervised, this not only exposes them to risks such as cyber-bullying, sexual exploitation, and cyber-stalking but also can negatively affect their mental health. Check out the reasons why social media is bad for […]

Cutting-Edge Approaches to Addiction Treatment Arise In Southern California | Guest Post by Amelia Sharp

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Meta: Contemporary therapies for helping those with substance abuse issues are in high demand. While the number of people currently addicted to drugs in the United States soars, emerging research is supporting new ways to help lead addicts to sustained recovery. For years, treatment approaches within American rehabs have remained constant. Luckily, scientific advancements are […]

Physical Fitness Transformed My Mental Health | Guest Post By Cassidy Webb

Woman tying shoes

Over the last few years since being diagnosed with depression, I’ve been on a journey to find ways to boost my mental health. One of the biggest obstacles standing in my way of being happy and finding self-love has been my weight. I had been slightly overweight as a teenager, but my own perception blew […]