Summertime Sadness: 8 Things to Know About Summer SAD | Guest Post by Mia Barnes

When you think of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you probably imagine someone who gets blue in the winter. However, some people experience symptoms during the opposite time of the year. What causes what Lana del Rey called “summertime sadness?” How is it similar to the winter version, and what differentiates it? Here are eight things […]

Gut-Brain Connection: How Happy Gut Bacteria Affects Mental Health | Guest Post By Keith Myers

There is a direct connection between your gut health and your brain. The thousands of bacteria that live in your GI tract not only play an important role in your physical or gut health but the effects extend to your brain health and neurological systems too. Your gut bacteria play a key role in your […]

New Avenues in the Holistic Treatment of PTSD – Exploring Trauma | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

PTSD is a very complex condition that can be difficult to treat – as anyone diagnosed with PTSD will be well aware of. Like some mental health conditions, literature supports the fact that PTSD can only be properly treated with a detailed and well-considered mix of psychotherapies and pharmacotherapies. Getting this right can often be difficult, […]

Tips for Managing Anxiety about the Post-COVID Return to Normal | Guest Post by Ben Lynch

As COVID restrictions start to ease and things start to get back to how they were pre-pandemic, you might not be feeling as excited and positive as you would have expected.  In this article, we take a look at how to manage anxiety about the post-COVID return to normal. It’s normal to feel anxious The […]