Tips For Dating In The COVID World and How to Not Let It Affect Your Mental Health | By Sara Nutaitis

Now I am not going to lie and say that I am not jealous of the people who are already coupled up, or were able to find their soulmate just before or at the very start of this COVID Pandemic… I am! However, I am also super happy for my friends and acquaintances that have […]

Creating Happy Memories and Boosting Your Mental Health by Upcycling Clothes | Guest Post by Jane Sandwood

The average American throws away approximately 80 pounds of clothing each year due to the nature of fast fashion, the clothes no longer fitting, and the clothes having tears or holes. It can be upsetting to throw away or donate clothes — especially if they have memories connected to them, such as you bought them when you […]

8 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health in Quarantine | Guest Post by Anthony Fernandaz

The world has never seen anything like this quarantine before, which makes it extra hard to know how to benefit from it. There are gazillion things to do, but with all that is going out around the world can be depressing and take a toll on everyone’s mental health. In times like these, it is […]

Stress-Reducing Backyard Activities | Guest Post by Billy Bum

There’s no way around it – the pace of modern life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Most people are trying to balance work, their personal lives, manage their health, and with the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping it together has become even more challenging. Developing coping strategies to better manage the pressures in your life is vital since […]