Grief and Its Stages | Guest Post by Alex – Media Outreach Manager at GetUrns

At GetUrns, we want to do everything we can to ease the pain of losing a loved one; that’s why we provide grief literature to offer more information on cremation, death, or funerals. Grief, the direct emotional result that arises from loss, is a topic we focus heavily on.

In mourning, grief shrouds everything. It takes over someone’s world. Every day becomes an obstacle of emotions to get through. Although everyone processes grief differently, understanding the stages of grief can help. The Kübler-Ross Model outlines the following five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Denial: The stage that can initially happen with the loss of a loved one. It is characterized by feeling numb, meaning your mind can fog and refuse to accept the reality of the situation. In this stage, you’re not living in the real world but in a preferred reality where the loss didn’t occur. The way denial can help is that it lessens the impact of loss by pacing your emotions, so you’re not completely overwhelmed with grief.

Anger: This stage is where you may look to blame someone or something else for the cause of your grief. Life doesn’t seem fair or good anymore. A person with strong faith may even begin to question their deity, wondering why they hadn’t been protected or spared from this tragedy.

Bargaining: Bargaining can go hand in hand with anger, this is where you make yourself believe that if something were changed, the loss wouldn’t have happened; for example, if the doctor had tried a little harder or if a trip had been postponed, a loved one wouldn’t have died. The need for a reprieve from grief makes you give yourself false hope with these negotiating tactics.

Depression: The most recognized form of grief, depression represents the withdrawal that can come from it. This is the void we feel when we realize our loved one is truly gone from our lives. Thoughts may even come up of why go on with life when someone else’s is over or everything is meaningless if death is inevitable.

Acceptance: This stage is when the emotions of grief may level out and the adjustment to this new reality without your loved one is feasible. You finally understand that your life without your loved one will continue on and this grief is something you can live with. It may be rather hard some days but you are able to live and feel a little like yourself again.

These stages of grief are not a linear process – most people wade between these stages at random, finding their way through them. However, with enough time, healthy coping mechanisms, and a supportive environment, grief can become manageable. 

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