Mental Health and Break-Ups

When someone has a mental illness, relationships and break-ups, can be extra difficult. The wondering, the waiting, texts that go unread. It is like a nightmare for someone like myself with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).

Sometimes the relationship works out and both parties are happy and dealing with their mental health. Other times, it doesn’t. This can be one of the harder times for someone suffering with mental health issues and in a relationship. Constantly thinking about how your significant others family will look at you after the split, how the other person will be afterwards, how their friends will react and how long it will take you to get over the pain.

While these are all valid concerns, you ultimately have to do what is right for you, and you have to forget about everyone else involved. YOUR mental health is all that matters, YOU have to take care of YOU.

If you feel your relationship is toxic, and you have the power to leave. Do it.


YOU matter, and YOU are loved.